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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Good Teacher Doesn't Expect you to Do what She Says, Youth

A good teacher doesn't do that, that's Wack,
telling the Students how to Think, Be, Act
We have no Clue and our PhD proves
that. That's what a Thesis is For, CV
and the Rest: we are Investigators
of Rhyme and Reason.  There is no Answer,
Peeps. The problem is with Authority
that Lies and tries to Contend with the Mind
against whom it is Sadly Outranked, Poor
Power Trip: Hey, I let you be Head of the Line
and I washed up the Face of Disaster.
I am Compassionate.  I Comprehend
your need for Your Sentimentalities.
One who can does and one who can't Bullies.

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