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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Call me a Nightmare I'll answer you a Poem

Let me Get Your Name Down anti-Dream Man.
You can't see I'm Watching You WTF
who taught you your Manners anyhow?
Oh I see, nobody. So you can't blame that
on me and Punish me for your Ignorance.
All I'm saying is watch out cuz I see You.
I got your Name and your Number. 14
Liner, Sonnet, let's get our Feet Moving.
We have no time to train them its Their Job
to learn to be Human. We can Coach them.
Can't you hear it in their Tone? Criminals.
Who? Me or You? Cuz you are Battering
the Gavel and All of mY Dignity, Calling
me a Nightmare. I'll answer you a Poem.

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