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Monday, December 27, 2010

Lambasting the Misogynist Critic: Minerva to the DryHeads

He walks with a projectile placed inside
his pompis. It wags when full of la Merde
of his thoughts. La peste gives you perpetual
asco.  He's the specialist on Plaintive
Arts, ha ha. Funders are awed with his cold
stare: Culturacidal, that's them, the Rapists
Seducers, Philanderers of Knowledge,
quite conversational with Aesthetics--
Not so fast, It has its plusses! I bought
a remarkable basket of death, dug
up from the site of Pillaged Culture.
Material Reproduction what say you, Buffs
of Philosophy?--On second thought, won't
Bother. Theory could take us forever.

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