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Friday, December 10, 2010

An American Dream Doctor, Dr. Paul Fleiss

Indeed, there is greater Worth in this Poem
than there was just yesterday. The Doctors
of Poetry are Specialists and Generalists
and they compose the Rhtyhms of Life, art
of the Stethoscope of Dear Dr. Fleiss,
of these Yellow Flowers, Herbalist, Man,
Father who has grown by Difficult Seeds.
You are one of the Sons whose Stem Grows
by his Thinking and his Suffering. You
are a Great Doctor of Humanity
and in this an Artist for Benefit
of Others, a Samaritan and yet you
are Scrutinized, challenged, and Abused,
your protectors are Children and their Mothers.

Such are difficult flowers, yellow ones,
Tassels of Hope, my Only Desire
because its the Last Petal of Flower
the one that falls last when it Crowns
and Recedes. We are of a Living Spirit.
My What suRReal flowers you are when
depicted as Ice Cubes of light Frozen.
Polycentric Vision, see within the Colors
the People as they are the Soul's Windows.
Art is for Art's Sake and its for Life's Sake
its Largest Yellow Flower blooms Once
again, Everyday without Stopping, Center
of our Hearts and Wisdom, we are People.
We come Recommended for our Vision.
We grow to bloom a difficult flower.

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