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Monday, December 27, 2010

I will write of the Vain who Misused you, Verso soy testigo del delito

Muahhhh in unison spoke hhhhuaM--
censurers and investigators--lots
of B.S. to be quantified, described,
and deduced by the toddlers of Knowledge,
the liberales elitistas who force
Skepticism to its Knees in favor
of Cannibal labinnaC chauvism
while Sea Gall rides a tricycle when he
should change his Diaper que est que cset 
La merde de cet homme c'est venereal
omnipotence of small fish in sewage.
Ils sommes Inciviles Imbeciles.
Idolators who Satiate their Hate
by Surfeit of their Killjoy, false hombres.

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