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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Complaint to Shakespeare: When Romeo and Juliet's Child is born they Deprive her of Dreaming

So long as men can dream and eyes can see
so long lives this and this gives life to Me!
Shakespeare, its Plagiarized from Thee,
we have Reasons for such a Treachery
to you, Feeble Poet, you are Dead yo,
but I still want to Salute you (line three.)
You get where we are going. BTW
your plays are based on History as Drama,
of Powerful corruptsick Worms in Words..?
Ah William, you wouldn't Believe the Excuse
that is Given---Not only do they Keep
Romeo from Juliet, but when their Child
is born they Deprive her of the Dream
she will become one day a Citizen.

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