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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rangel This is a FIght and its Madly Verbal

This is a FIght and its Madly Verbal.
You see, we are Temporal Gentes.
You Caribbeans sure ya got your Expressions,
and you all seem like Rock Stars
Puerto Ricans...This Charlie Rangel
I mean he's a Black Brother of Ours,
and we can't imagine he had any due
Process...Yeah I will say it.  Negro
brother, take a look at the President
and Suffer your Woes as best you can.
The Dimmsdale Romance, a conflux
of Melodramatic Mieux, Hello Stranger.
I think our Langues may have something
in Common. You brought in these
rather Sensuous Dances, how's about
we learn to be better musicians than
we can be with a constant pain in the heart,
Corazon, porrecito, chatito, de quien
fuiest nacido a fuerza a las mamas,
yo Entiendo it was only 1757 then.

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