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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turtle Island Wins the Race : I'm Native

I'm biding my time. I got a Rhythm
so there's no Hurry now. In fact, why can't
you catch up with me? --Said the Kind Turtle
to his Foes -- Rabbits running through the Mills.
--You know what I've learned from this Travail?
My shell Protects me for it's my Homeland.
I'm a Native American, Nativa-
avitaN.  I talk to myself in my Wounds.
I say, Hey Committee of Muses, Give
a Fuck for Once! Quit giving me the Roles
I can hardly Outlive! Then my KindSelf
Carapace Replies.  She's says--"Didi,
tortugita, my Slow One, Be Careful.
You will arrive when you get there, Daughter."

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