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Friday, October 1, 2010

Baudelairian Sex Worker (Chill, its just Poetry)

Seres in Retrospect on Orders of Venus for Pluto’s Rape of Her Daughter~~Don’t Know why I’d do it in a Sonnet WTF.

Be Careful with Four Word’sful letters by
Someones who sign by the Claims, All the Best.
Take PreCaution, if its Marked with SwordSSrowS
Of the Industry that’s gone KooKoo
KaRooh.  It’s So Fancy, Sure, and Able
With Clutches of Wine, Sex, and Bleu Cheeses.
So I’m Baudelaire’s Whore Mistress I am
I wouldn’t be Yours and I’d rather Do
my part for those who don't need Three Degrees
to Handle the Business of Protecting
Good from Uncivil, Lecherous, Greedy,
Joy Killers whose Asses Drip with La Merde
Yes, it is.  It’s All over, You. I’m Clean.
I am a Baudelairian Whore Try what You
Can. Chasten me?  I'm No Longer Human.

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