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Friday, October 1, 2010

So Meg said she’ll take the Polygraph IF and WHen

So Meg said she’ll take the Polygraph then.
(If it Comes to it) Nice One, Girl.  Wise, Sly
conditional.  I wonder how you treat
your brethren and your sisters. Just like a
CEO, Chief Elegant Oppressor.
Meg, I’d rather give work to Peg Bundy.
She’s a Casual Benevolent Gold
Digger. Get it, stay Clear, and wide Away
Far from this Governor Contender
See here, Look! She will Lie to her Own
flesh and blood Children, Their Nana is gone
for a Day that turns into Forever,
I'm your Mother Children, I’ll show You well
that Servants and Maids are Expendable.

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