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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My language is within me inside of the World

My language is within me inside of the world.
I am a galaxy with light balls, woven in Silk
Skies.  Oh my, I am made of utter Beauty.
So are you. We are the creators of our Minds.
We invented Language.  Look at that, it wasn’t
even Needed Then. It came because we loved
to use our Imaginations then we started Maps.
At first they were to seek our Love afar.
Its now irreversible. A lot of what we did
we did it Wrong.  Yet here we are in our habitat,
Idiot and Savant, common Genius there, grab
Your Hat, let’s go out and make Beauty
as we made Love, and become Poets, one and All.
Bing Human wasn’t all That.  Ain’t that True.
Arise, We made Machines let’s Create a Good,
and new Time and Space, a Rhythmic Soon

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