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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Dude is Straight Jealous of President Obama

My Dude is straight Jealous of Obama,
knows for years I WAS anti-Government.
Other Politicians, go to Hell, *J*
*K* I don't know what I'm doing but got to
Keep going.  I'm Hopeful again. George
Bush is Over.  I'm the Middle Child
and got my attention by spinning thread
or I'd do it from Dire boredom. Spin
it on my finger, thread, hair, pine string,
yarn I didn't care what it was as Long
as it Twirlled. I watched my Mother Threading
Bobbins and Needles and I worshipped Her
fashionable Spanglish like an Angel
She is so Immense. She's not Human. She
does not Covet your Position, she's an
Immigrant and She's an Indian. How so?
Those words are Opposed by Definition.

(No senorito, they're Not)

Enter the Virgen---(Uhhh! it's not about that)
Don't apply your Opinion.  My Mother
Gives the Mold and Makes the Material.
She is Exquisite, Senor, I'm not Worth
less. The Game is a Metaphysical
Perhaps a Cosmological Spectre.
There's a Reason you do what you Do.
It’s not Freaky because it’s not Untrue.
There’s an Angry narcissist in Most Myths
Across the World Let’s Have a Look.  Oh Boy,
It’s Not very Good news.  The only Cure
For the Egotist is the Luchador’s
Pleasure to Remove.  Is it made of  Leather?

Back to the Picture:  You see that Mountain
Out over there? I am Emotionally
Pulled by the Contours of Retrospect Oh!
My, My! Soy Rokokokera I’m an
Original and an atypical
Neurologically I’m a Different.
These are the Words that work to Ostracize:
Weird, Insane, Loca, Incompetent, Ill.
How it Hurts worse than Rihanna’s Bruises,
Verbal Abuse is the Hard First Rule, Ay!
of Civil Rights Violator's Tools~Mob
Authority Against Metrical Change.

Shoo Shoo Said Meg, You Don’t Know Me. Never
Have and I’ve Never Seen You Either Too.

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