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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Persephone of Her Mother SereS

Anyone know how it Feels to be UnFree?
The Nothingness is all Around. Morning
only comes Officially and Stays Inside
the Talent Trailer.  Enjoying Hot wax,
watching Dettachedly as Darkness Mounts
its Steed. The Gentlemen are Long Gone Left
U beHind to Handle Matters. Blankets
Grip me Tighter don’t leave Me in Thin Air.
I can’t give you Rhyme, Stop Asking for more.
It’s 10 Dollars a Line it Don't Matter
what Kind I use whether glad, sad, or Blue.
Disappear me again that's the Plan. Oh.
My Mother’s mine, and I’m confirmation.
She's my NightNurse and Wakes when I need Her.

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