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Monday, October 4, 2010

I’m Voting Pro-Dreamers. That is My Plan.

I’m Voting Pro-Dreamers.  That is My Plan.
With all due respect, you should too cuz they
can’t Vote and what a shame it is--they’re Dope.
So we begin with a Handshake. The Fight’s

On. We’ve got Plenty of Preparation
and Less than Ideal Political
Representation. Over summer Youths
Vacationed or Gamed—That’s Okay it’s fun.

However, let's Remember that Dreamers 
hunger fasted,marched, and got arrested 
with heads held high and chants loud, proud, and clear, 
“What do we Want?Dream Act!When do we want it?"

"Now!" Let's Vote Pro-Dreamers and Join their Team!
No more Nightmares in the Senate and House!

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