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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chicanos Had no Beat Movement: Dr. Gonzo wasn't True

We may be smart we’re Latinos and got the situation handled
very Well. understood, no need for you to get hysterical  We are marked by an unknown
language, no it’s not Spanish— 
Quien sabe? I think it's a term that's weirdly Antithetical to certain Liberties.
HahahaLoL.  Let’s get back to that Topic I started

Talking about, before I went and changed my mind, I’m so Passionate.  RED FLAG
Too Passionate. Am I an Animal? a Female, a Creative, whateva , not deductive, nonlinear,  nonGermanic (as E.E. said to me) cuz I surely  couldn't be an American.  Look at that! He’s an UnIrished Irish a Protestant Catholic, What?  Well Gosh Dang as it happens to have turned out,
I’m an Indian Slave Puritan

& also a Jew (well, not Really) but we may as well all be Hebraic.
Cuz there ya go…. the Greeks had their views on citizenship and each other too. 
Certain and different societies like Amazons, Scythians, and other Darker Hues, had different Status
Dido and Medea,   the Globe is a Spinning Top,    become heroines, reconstucted. RED FLAG
Migration brought with it HUmanity, Arts, medicine, science and etc...I’ll take that PhD I earned 

or didn’t I? Uhhu, I better keep proving its True. I Better get my Wasp on it. RED
FLAG. Muzzlebloods within.  So a Stubbornly overworked genius needs her Equals and
where to go find them but in the Kitchen.  NOT Next to You. You’re no Challenge,
too Easy. Zero I can emulate.  You can't even invent a Single Metaphor, so you ZOOOOM in on the silverware. Just take the F (you can redo it) instead of changing the rules.

Ugh,Such Parasitic Manners--quit FLattening my Tires (Step Back Lookey Loo)
--are more than a Few too many to Ever get rid of completely.  So you kick me to Behave with Minority Charm. Haven't you Checked the dictionary of PErmissable language by now or are you another Incompetent Latina.  Are you even Legal. What's your name again?
RED FLAG Garcia, Gonzales, Gomez, or was it Gonzo?

I’m a Writer Attorney and Maniac Depressive, why’s that so Hard to comprende? Cucarachas unite!
Now, Now, Now.  NO Figures of Speech,  metaphors, or 5$ words out of you! That Example Right there?---Inexcusable! Chicanos had no Beat Movement.  They are Folkly, Lyrical, you know
they have too Many children. Get  With  It,  or you’ll cause yourself  Problems (Turn up the Screws!)  Latina, Chicana, Woman of Color.  Oh no, The Label is coming unglued.

“We consider this Reconstruction, the ARCHIVE, social Justice, Ethical knowledge, WTF? We just want a LINK, Hmmmmm, Not Even That?"  Unanimous N! O!  All sign under Confidence united in Agreement on our findings: plus+add Some cultural, social, psychological, civil ERASURE.  Remove the Graffiti crew!  Thru the Back Door!  High RISK RED FLAG RED FLAG Suddenly
there’s InteGrity and we don’t have a Donor for That.

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