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Friday, October 22, 2010

Anita Hill Say Sorry and Clarence Get to the Cleaners, Dear

The Oddest things are to be found in Voice
Machines. Anita Hill, Apologize?
That’s right she should.~Clarence, take that Invoice
to the Cleaners, Dear; my Pious Disguise
needs Deep Spot Remover. Look, the Collar
is coming apart at the seam so Press
with  Extra Strength starch. Doesn't Matter.
Get it Clean and have them add Freshener.
So… Ms. Hill, back to you. Say it: Sorry,
repeat after me don't forget your Prayers
Either...  After all these years, I worry
that Some people may get the wrong picture.
~Clarence, pick up your robe while you're there.
All of those burns and tears have been repaired.

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