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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Along The Lines I Lived Myself

Time To Change our World
            There is Nothing that way
                                    Up ahead

Everyday I think of my work
            What I must do with this ordinary day
                                    2 Be Free

I see the way a baby becomes
            First a Man, young and strong
                                    the Way of Grace

Falling into a Dream
            All the Youth keep Asking There
                                    Is Justice?

Certain Decadent Figures
            Hate and Fear their Betters if Women
                                    Take Cover.

Men of Letters you must Discern
            That you enjoy a better  status
                                    Just Sayin’

I have already Fallen too Swiftly
            and learned to Fly UpSide Down
                                    Watch me

There is just a Tiny Bit of theory
            The rest is Fever and Pain

The Preposition is always a
            Difficult Change by

Beauty has no less Purpose
            Than to Kiss her own
                                   Sleeping Body

Another writer had only recently
            Committed suicide
                                    Show concern

Human Beauty is only Complete
            When it Includes all
                                    God’s Children

We are all Children, Brothers
            And Sisters in
                                    God’s Eyes

There were two female bitches
            One smelled flowers
                        One loved the $$$ smell

I was Alone Gathering my Flowers
            When he toook me down
                        To hell

I cried for Myself but Cried
            More for my

My mother was Unable to
            Cross the Threshold
                        to Release Me

She is Ceres or sERes who gives
             life to Everything 
                      the world growS


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