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Friday, October 22, 2010

11th Hour FreeTrade Sonnet for my Brother JGQ

Who DoeS thatt? Who dOeS that??
Who asks for the heLp of the poor and Hated?
Takes their sustenance and seals their Mouths with Hun
Ger and Legal oPpresionn, Corrals them========on
One Side a Wall of Aggression Selecting
the animal from the Human~~1 thing are
the Muscles of your Spine~~Altogether? NOT
including your Mind, your laNguage, your Children.
Well we can barely Stand You if Not our pUrposes—
Besides you Out shine US, don’t try to Hide it.
Don’t go Thinking we are Ignorant, we’re
FAT Cats the Fattest….

===========And on the Other Side,
the Dollar takes the Peso

                                                Free Trade’s TrAp.

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