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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Touching Up Your Roots after Rihanna's Got You

---for T.L. A., Class of '86

I’m the SuperBLog Poet.  I may be
Middle-Aged and my Kids know it I don’t
Listen to the old stuff hardly at all.
They keep begging me to stop playing loud
My Beyonce and Rihanna CD’s.
Christina, too. But I can’t  resist it.
And, I think they are goddesses.  Ya' know,
Persephone is the one Fruits bloom for.
Spring and Pop Music seem related things.
Young Muses on the stage, they possess our
Imaginations.  Why do Enquirers
Seek to know?  Sure you are  a good Christian
When your Pagan Roots Show. Just Touch 'em Up. 

(A Little Plug for the Kaos Hair Salon out in the I.E., Redlands CA Specifically)

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