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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cultural Movement known as el Chicano

So there was a cultural movement known as el Chicano.
Basically, we were cats, friendly Peoples, but
As you know, we were ahem locked in dog pounds
Metaphorically speaking. The Spanish brought hounds,
Attack dogs, imagine, Yeah that was us. We were America’s
First martyrs and we were felled by modern gunpowder.
Didn’t it first come from China? Hey, how’d that Happen?
A global economy made of earth’s fruits, minerals, plants, animals, slave labor, and That’s power. We fueled our people, land, edifices, architecture, physical habitats, service workers, teachers, businesses, on and on. We are all interblended (and you know it too) what a little powder and surgery won’t do. I’m on Atkins and how about you? Alright, that was more than a little too sudden.  We’ve already perished just through Gossip, slander, hatred, racial animosity, and we hardly got started without violating rights we said were inviolate. What will you do? Rejoin the good side of history, be proud of your race.  You’re Americans, you are mixed bloods. There’s no supreme race. If there were they’d be Oaxacan (modern term) because they Invented Language 1st…Long before AnYonE Else and they still prefer to be Indian than let go of their
wealth which is knowledge of Beauty.  Get with it Now, At least Try to Learn. Take your ridalin valium vicodine pomegranate martini, butter with bread in a brown basket, white napkin restaurant.  Time is moving from the table, “Adios, Chronos, ya llegamos. Somos poetas.  Y’all, Vayense a la mesa de juegos de video que aqui ya es hora, Maestros y Senoras, la Carnival diestra/izquierda.” As I was saying, hurry up let’s get Moving on our Progress Chart, let’s DEVELOP ….We’re Moving Forward

Back.  During the time they call the Upper Paleolithic came a Minor
Improvement in Communication.

            We have Language, we have Arts, we have Beauty

We’ve got to Represent it.  We are Uncommon.  I believe we are Human.

Our purpose is  to Represent joie de vivre Beauteous Beauty.  A Woman”s Face=HeleHenneHeleHenne   
 La Femme Mujer Woman
Let’s Fight to the Finish….Die or Impale  one Another….Rape all the women enslave the Issue. Yes, they are our Children in a way.  They  belong ultimately to the Mother to her Fate not Mine.  And that’s why we need Miscegeny Slave Fugitive laws, we can’t crack down on them all (or Ourselves).

How did we got from Point A to Point B?   WTF happened? Where’d our Humanity Go?
A=we have language and that’s a good a beautiful good
B=we have become UGLY.

(I’m personally sticking around because I’m Responsible for turning you ARouND. And ARouND.  Let’s get to Spinning or else Sleeping Beauty won't Be Found

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