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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anthony Soltero, My Son was just a Child When he Died

This is a true and tragic song
in decima structure, 8 sounds
across like in Jose Marti’s  
Versos sencillos; count with me.

There was a boy named Anthony,
"--I knew he was special, my First
child. We grew up together.
so we did everything together.
The VicePrincipal just told him
that he was the Dumbest of All
because he "Walked-Out" of school.
He was only a teenager.
He had so many plans and Oh
he had so much Passion. Don’t know
where he got it. Everybody
loved Anthony. He cared about
everyone. He was like that.
He knew that law would hurt his friends.
But we are not immigrants.
His grandparents are but not Us.
I'm from Long Beach and his dad
and I were young but so in love."

Post Script: Anthony Soltero,
Ontario California,
the son of Louise Corrales,
gifted and talented, who died
after he was threatened at school
for expressing his civil rights.
Mr. Samuel Paz, Attorney
for the Soltero family.

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