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Friday, October 22, 2010

John Ashberry, what a Dude...I mean poet

John Ashberry, what a Dude. I seem him breaking the window enough
to Obtrude (Include is so gay) his face,  unshamefully
Interwoven.  Oh hO look at my f  a  c  e.   It is Mine and I’m a a a A a a aPoet.

Obtrude it like me.  Infantile irresponsible SubveRsive
Or Restive or Reves seveR my computer corrects me Twice before allOwing
me to chose  BIG or smalL.  The MORE Shapes the Better  Yeah Yeah haey haeY

     wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

Alright, I’ll sit Still  don’t you know it Takes a Lot of
Spinning to make all these Danged words… Each lil motherfucker is a Lot of Loving Work just to Run off with not even a Look back back back

There’s john Ashberry And the Bellies Obtruded all Around and Around and Around
    nice sound there but take out the Directions and    get Ready    r   u  Ready?
          Just go Without Without Directions Without Lines

And just when you may keep Speeding Speeding Speeding way way past your Feet  Look you’ve gone head first…..Lift your Face…..Just lift It.   That’s the First Stepp
   To the Terrifying reflection in the Mirror.  I why do I so dislike I?  Why am I

Unable to be Photographed?  Don’t you do It.  that’s another topic not for Now.
There are machines which are built by Machine knowledge.  It’s so Easy
Being a Machine.  In fact, I prefer It.

Okay now --- You.  Pardon me, I can’t stand to Listen to You.  You see,
I’m a Live wire that’s Me.  I can speak to myself through a Person.
Haha.  Inspired entirely by Hawthorne as I read on my electronic Book.

Another day I’ll tell you another part of this Secret.  In the meantime
Try reading HISTORY by Ashberry while on Say An Elliptical at the Gym.
The whole Gymnasium It tIrns into a Bird House! 

Exercise machines are like tuff because their Engineering alone
Is Impressive.  And, I undersTand by my Figurations
Those Birds.... the Birds are Silver         They are Also quite attractive

As WordSpin, as Spiral, as Appetite!  Ashberry is a Word Wine.
Wowee  eewoW   That’s darn Outright Poetic, Word wine of Ashen thus Ripenededly Velvet,  GrooveevoorG


No Waiting in Line

Hit it Horsie,   Get to John Ashberry  

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