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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm not a Witch: l'm O'Donnell (You Are Me; I am You)

I’m not a...Witch (wink wink just sorta). You
are Me and I You. Did I mention
vote for me as Senator? I'm Sexy.
I put my Stake in the Highest Takers.
Have some Tea Party Brew or Stay Behind
where Morals exist. They still sadly do.
A better woman doesn't Touch herself 
there. (And Obama was born in a Shoe)
So a Debt to Humanity’s Past Due.
Why does it matter when Vanity, Pride,
Credit still Accrue?—And, no pocket change
for big Evil Governments. What? Taxes?
That Constitution is just a big Nuisance. 
We'd better be Repealing it hugely.

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