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Friday, October 22, 2010

An August Fleurish for her Birthday

¡maka aik nimiki, maka aik nipoliwi!

There are among us those Teachers who are    
Seeders, whose lessons composed of gardens  
of thought, of speech, of history’s flower.         
They are Guardians of the Heart of Hearts.       
No they must not be drained of Might.  Rather,    
their Power is our Light, our Memory,       
our Plight, and so we may grow sturdier,  
by Dissemination.  You have studied       
the methods, records, archives as do your    
Students who grow, root, shoot, and bloom of their       
Own under your direction.  Then this is    
not a Sonnet.  It is a Dissertation    
to My Younger Sister, a Doctor of Flowers   
who grew on Mother Earth between Stone and Herb.   

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