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Friday, October 1, 2010

Why’s a Bunch of Media Madness News?

I’m Shooting from the Hip (I can’t prevent
it.  So go James Joycify it, Stephen.)
What is it about Meg Whitman’s servant
and the Whole tragic Media Shebang?
Wealthy people need Maids and Nannies but
So do working People and the Rest Too,
Maybe it’s the case that we’ve all gone Nuts
again.  Could it be we too are Kookoo
Living la Vida Loca how we do.
In college, they Say its Diversity
and Plato’s Rules. Up above: Perfect Blue.
Down Below, we forget Life’s mysteries
watching reality shows. Back then Laughs
came by Sit-Coms.HeHee, Now it’s the News.

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