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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sarah Palin or Pain in the Arsah "We'll be Comin Around the Mountain When we Come" (in 5-Star Starshacks)

On most matters, common sense is required.
The Tea Party prefers Malignorance.
Tis a Mighty Fine Brew (and can be spiked
with substances to better your chances)
Do Reh Mi Fa So La Tea Party Time.
Favorite Recipe of Dubious Dudes:
"A D-Cup and Silk Skirts? It's HighTime,"
the Consultant has Deduced Rightly True:
"Piety Rallies the Basest! Hurrah!"
[--Why am I talking like George Washington
on this MultiHysteric Occasion?--]
The Tea Party's Punch Drunk over Sarah
A-Line Palin, the T & A Icon,
shakin her TeaParty Cheering Pom Pons.

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