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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ornamental Poetry: L.A. to D.F. desde el Norteado

From foil, poetry takes what Ornament requires—
a background –no a contrast, what? What is it?
There is Is.  It’s a question by voice. Creacionismo,
Neoplatonic, Emersonian, WCW, Ian Copestake
Etc. Lettered Friends.  On the Line. Let’s forego
Further interference, ah here comes le Francais.
French symbolists—how dare you.  Beginning
with Baudelaire who pushed in “1860 became an
Ardent supporter of Richard Wagonnger. Yeh,
I know, a Misspelling.  Oh Well, its still comprehensible
with oil paint words. He's just turned on Angel Baby
by Rosie and the Originals can you hear it?

From foil as Foil is an embellishing the Jewel.
That hidden stubborn detail in the Viewing
of Rare stones. I saw them, I touched them, I felt
them glow, glow with the glory one knows
instantly and beauty makes you shed tears
among strangers.  Hello there, heart of words,
like here specifically I’m talking about WCW’s
poem to his Mother, Elena, “Two Pendants:
For the Ears.” That’s me. I’m Elena and she is My
Sister and my maternal twin Aunt.  It doesn’t matter
if you read this or not—I am a force in the quicksilver
of words.  Hey everyone, didn’t you know 
what dies off faster than any other natural resource,
 are languages  Boo hoo hoo. There goes Another
one. Oh, poor families, words are families,
they are lovers, they are Us.  ...And anotha
And already ten more have been killed off.
Why do wish English to take over the world?
Well, it doesn’t matter. You can’t take back
what You’ve done my domestic Abuser,
Englishman, we are at Mercy’s End. Goodbye.

You know how these women are. Mercy,
I remember her so well. She was Glamorous.
Mama’s friend and like the others, Carmen,
Enedina, Gonzalez, he must be family. Those
Gonzalez men, ay Por favor. Yaqui quien
Sabe quien, ellos son indios son nuestros lideres.
Juntense plebe, let’s get together, these aren’t
Good Ideas, they are Awful, the worst for All.
There is an All You All you can’t refute that.
Neoplatonic, Christian, Philosophical, back
and forth. You don’t have to break into Pieces.
Surely, there is Something we can Inspire,
Mundo sientate, estate Quieto.  Bueno Ya Stuvo.
Nos reunimos, somos Gente de Tierra
ya no Hay otra.  Eso lo Saben, los hombres,
las Armas, las falsas diplomacias, no es Cierto
que el tiempo del Humano se durmio o estara muerto.
De Effe quien eres por favor hecha un Vistazito
para aqa. Que paso? Rajados siempre fueron asi.
Fresas y cremas el Norte les da todo y se
quedan sentados en sillas del Ninyito, I know.
Its misspelled. WTF. Answer once in a while
Would Ya? desde los Extremeties aQa.  

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