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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm an Heiress Too: Diamond Dusted Words

I’m an Heiress of a Higher Scale
with no money, credit cards, or Cocaine
but infinitely Better. I’m a Friend
of Emily Dickinson. She’s my girl.
So Abundant her Treasure overflowed
and from its Remnants I built my Castle
designed by Décor of Trascendental
Glitter. 10 Carat Fine-Cut Diamonds 
from the Deepest mine, there is no Finer
Inheritance than a Gold-hearted Poem
made of the Wealth of Wisdom's rarer Fortune.
The Soul is priceless in its Ore far More
Intricate than Antique Laced-word Sonnets,
too Divine for Millionaires to Buy it.

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