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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yes they are all gueras. Or that’s how it was. NightSchool ESL. Silent H

Here I am again. You thought I’d had just
enough. Kaput. All done with my whining
for a day. Check that last line out, the H’s
are extremely seductive, serve no purpose
but beauty cuz they’re nonexistent H’s.
If you think it’s Easy learning English
I dare you to begin, keep on trying Buds,
You’ll never learn it all. I’ve been doing it
for decades don’t even go to the malls. I’m
inside studying. So anyhow, where were
we? Its not Easy to learn to spell a silent H.
Just tryh hguessihn werhe it hgoes.
How do I know? "Besides we’d wish to sit
down once in a while. The others are
exhausted and its so overcrowded.
It seems the teachers have no experience.
Yes they are all gueras. Or that’s how it was."

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