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Friday, November 19, 2010

Teachers, Profs, Principals for the Dream Act

Intellectuals get the message written
on the E-mails errr Walls in large Bold
print letters? You miss the tree for Forests.
Senores, a la Barra que hay que
Platicar, tomarnos unas Copas
Retoricas...No queda Mas...Menos
la vanidad grotesca sin lavar
las Manos. WTF? I see you-you
Teachers, you seem to be Reticently
withstanding your Irrelevant Woesdom.
When did the Social Workers become all of us?
Wake Up Then! Have a dose of Surreality.
The teacher, scholar, principal you've been
Set-Up? Let's goen unite as a DreamTeam.

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