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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pox on Fox for the Poison in the Ear:Fox News es Misinformation Abuse.

Pox on Fox for the Poison in the Ear.
Fox News es Misinformation Abuse.
And all of their necios, correspondents
and prophets of Fear, bigotry, and war.
Laying the heart of America front
and center, parasitic bacteria
oozing from the spores of inDecency.
C'est Stupide Fox, insipido monstruo.
Alright where do we go for medicine?
Pox on Fox, Silent Roar Distortional,
ever may your Electrical sources
falter and Briars as Thick as the Rose's
thorns appear on the Tongue of Claudius,
that his Poison no longer confound us.

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