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Friday, November 19, 2010

Out on Verse Vacation Sick Leave: (It's Protected)

It's on.  Look, I can't stop it Either. Just
when I think I'm done, Rhyme comes running over.
"Ohho No, give me 20!" And so, the task-
master of Flowetry won't Stop, Leave me
Be even when I'm sleeping. I have no
Remdey. No work, no TV, nothing
to Free me from the Keyboard, Ay de mi!
So here comes a Message from BeyondSee:
If the World was made for Warring, what's left
for me? Where can Poetry find a Home?
(There's some Robooting Required soon
for the HomoSappy Ones, UrGent Case)
STAT TATS Alive on Arrival. My yM
a Scribe on VerseVacation. Bye byE

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