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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Organically Grown Edible Petals

My Poems run on Clean Fuel Energy.
Dipthongs, assonance, Lines of Prosody
that take the Curves of Language==run it straight==
a Bridge, a Stanza, Hurry Up. It's short
by one Beat. Re-arrange it. Make it fit.
Sound, Race to the end of the Line High Speed.
Or cruise thine Circumference silken let-
ters. Oh my! you are of Richest Thread count.
See you shine you shine you shine you shine you
are Mine, my reader, please don't you desert
me ever Again.  I have no toxic 
Waste. No ThumbPrint. I am the Essence Oil
No Fossil fuels are consumed Son Mis Words
organically grown Edible petals.

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