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Thursday, November 25, 2010

ThanksDreaming said the Cup to the Saucer DreamAct 2010

The cup sits high and round on the Saucer.
It contains hot liquids, Xocolatl,
Earl Grey, champurrado. While the plato
sits beneath it, balancing the Water.
The saucer is so Patient, hardly notes
the weight upon it, for it understands
its honor. To steady the cup and hand,
and display around its edges, the rote
beauty of its servitude, with head bowed
down and out of view, there is a master
plan at work. "I do my time and after
all the cups have been upheld, I move toward
freedom." And so the Honest Saucer lived
until the Cup was overfilled.  Fluid
from Dream Act potion overflowed the Cup.
"What do I do?" said the Cup to its match
at which time the platillo said, "just watch
me. I know what's up." Cup and Saucer struck
a deal, "hey, let's run away together.
This Master-Slave relationship is dull
and demeaning." So the Saucer and Cup
walk up to the Senate and say, "Boycott!
for the Dream Act, Yo! Cups and platillos!"
Enough is Enough is Enough is Enough
Forever after, all history remembered
how the Cups and Saucers left the table.
Thanksdreaming 2010 Dream Act!

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