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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Neurological Blizzard: Doctor Poetry

Ah, don't ask me for introductions, you'd
probably prefer not to unwind me
Just Invite me. I’ll be There. I've no Need
for Small Talk, I am Paperless and Papered
and Credentialed to Speak without Apologies.
Am I an illegal you might be wondering?
I've got a lot to say about that.Wanna see?
I sense it is True beyond Doubt quite
Self-Evident. I’m a Performance Poet.
Accurate literary Historian, and sort of
an Aesthetic Marxist if you must det. by
Simple Association to Walter Benjamin
Franklin. There you Go, a Conflation.
(No, not conflagration.  Psss. it is ...elsewhere.~

Now, a memory of Mrs. Feiber…(and WCW-like:
the mouths of Polish mothers spikes American
language, its not Britisher.  Find it among the
Broken of Mind, the Ill, Indigent, Immigrant,
Infirm—all my patients they are mine—But,
once in a while F-Off! I’ve a woman to whore
and I am her, the lame male, the Doe, female,
Dionysian, Flores para los santos,
There in Mayaguez, Elena, Mother,
“Two Pendants: for the Ears.”
I’m a Special Collections Library Fellow,
Hello, yes I am here. Might you just assist
me? I am presently exhibiting an inside Weather.
It’s Culturally Constructed? WTF

WCW mental Mania, Dual contraction,
forging itself. Break the line Somewhere
REAL don’t let me down now,
I’ll erase it later, but I must say it now, I AM SAD,
So Depressed, its hurts in my Ears, Temples,
UnderArms, in my Dreams, Yet, it is not Really There
Which disturbs me. Let me Go Let me go
Madness, stop following Me.
[Emo Fever is not Obsession, it is  not
Literature, it is autoture.  It’s my Autism,
or Neurological Blizzard…I won’t hurt you.
I’m not Crazy, Insane, or Retarded…But what
if I were?  Who'd you wear anOther Cap?]
Are you speaking of Hats with multiple Features?

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