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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Insane Autodidacts of Odilia Rivera Santos's Mundos and Moondoms

 Oh no, here we go breaking rules of our
informality. Actually talking?
Wh-ha-at could That Be?
Sssshhhh quiet down. An Apotheosis
is at foot. We are Waltzing Flaneurs.
We cool we Old Schoole don’t Get that Wrong.
But there’s some Hot Damned wonderful people
in charge of Destiny’s greater Power.
Poetry was the first to find the World.
Science bottled up words, wrote Formulae,
established rules for Thoughts, got Ideas
from a mind Pre-Shaped with Verbs of all Colors,
Hues, and Sizes. I think because I am
was first a Poem. Whaddya think of that?

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