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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RA rA Ra poEsiA Carnival Calo

Poesia upside down, crawling back
wards, inside, out. Let's see what happens next.
Here's the lion tamer's son, little cub,
an acrobat. Let's learn your ABC's.
Carnalito, you make me smile when
you wear your clownsuit and we both pretend
without fear that unhappy laws are gone.
Ticket Sale for the Carpa, come one
and all nos vamos al Circo Chuco
a ver al flim flam, muchachos, damas,
no hay remedio mas chido que el payaso
que nos levanta a nuestra carcajada.
Alivianate joven bailarin
El Espectaculo empieza, ay les va!

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