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Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is live Poetry: A Doomsday Rhythm

This is live Poetry, no Rehearsals,

Okay, I've only got a few tricks up my sleeve so give me some Slack.

I remember living on the Island of Lesbos, yes I did,

and all at home in the house were Brainiacs into Books.

Hey, we're a Race so we've got Rights too.

Maybe you'll find us in the Extincted Peoples Rackety Racks.

That is we're Indians ya Know Natives,

the ones who were Attacked, Hacked, and Scrapped.

We're the Indigent Insane. Dorothea Dix who argued we are Humash,

Chumash, Y que? Con Safos, Indios, Pachuquitas. Ya Ya Ya's. Call us Lazy.

We'll  show you Whats That.  La Vida no Vale Nada.  Take our your Pencils, Laptops and Such.

Here's the Notes: Advanced Learning can Hurt you Back Back

You see, take a Look: History's not Complete Yet....

      turn up the Paxil...You must Relax through this Procedure. Hurry Back

Save the World? Ah, I've got some Stock in that. But its L O S T all Value No Money Now. SacketySak.

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