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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Livianense Putos Humanos. Gentle Gente Chidos Brothers.

 Nee 1968, I awoke with a view of a Screen.
I remember.  Yo me acuerdo.  We move around
a lot it Seems, so I keep track of Scenes.
Pero que es esto? A war on TV.
Who are they Killing and why all the
small Children? We Children, what do we do
to incur this Intrusion on others? My Life
is a Problem, soy Cholo, Tresero,
Pachuqueno, Wilson, Edgardo,
Miguel Angel, Ronan del inDiscrito InFiel.
Oigan desesperados Carteros cantineros
cabrones, Seducores senores.  Habran
unos gueyes que deben de aumentarse
el Paxil. Livianense Putos Humanos.

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