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Friday, November 5, 2010

Oscar Grant in Memorium

I've been in my research lab. I have so much to tell you someday I will. So I got to get ready. I don't need Powerpoint, I need a Canvas for all these beautiful flowers and thinking about someone who has been in the news and whose death was recorded and broadcasted on Youtube by a teenaged girl.  It was during a holiday season. Everything about it was unmercifully wrong, how can his assassination ever be resolved?  It doesn't seem possible today that the vacuum of justice constructs the permanent death of a man just beginning his adulthood and by tragic duplication, recreates itself as irreparable loss.  

Why is law the authority in power to judge itself Legal? What a circularity. On what does law rest if not Reasons? What about the Objective truth for its Sake? hmm those Rhetorical P's and Q's. IDK but that's why I'm American because I have need and desire for my civil freedom to put forth a question. How can justice serve the trauma of the Oscar Grant history, the most recent Volume in the ongoing Serial Interrogations of death by police that dissolve the hopes of resolution. The trauma is lack of value for a young man, a trauma destined only to continue to signify the repetition of a multi-chronological and unfulfilled entreaty for racial freedom.

Why does Oscar Grant mean so much? When he became a martyr and in that process, his persona was multiplicated,--the shot rang out and echoed and hummed, communal, the affect of material history signified as a contratiempo.  The innocence of Grant will be amplified over time.  His story and his identity will accrue admiration assured by the will of his survivors. Nothing can replace an unnatural death made natural by the court and its verdict of innocence. How can this not intensify the magnitude of the death again and again? How many death certificates can explain it? There always be a moral repugnancy in our society due to this trauma. Nothing can save humanity's death by humanity. The certifying measures for the philosophical questions are remote and ineffectual. This is the cost of justice and its price.

We are all people with some ingredient of that story within us, depending on how we view the killed and his killer. The family will be held to a community pact and vice versa. The family will gain a merited status that is a public one shared within the communal experience, but their status is a product which comes from the family's private torment and daily persistence. And, for the purposes of the focused effort to be made to speaking publicly by whatever means, a shared public memoir of the young man now growing in proportion to the communal response, with historical importance, should be remembered with public memory.  

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