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Friday, November 19, 2010

In Xochitl of the PoetriBal Hermanallianzabecederia: pa FXA UCD

Francisco Equis Alarcon, Mano, Pana,
ya llego del Salvador, yo se, Maestro,
Que me corrije y me Honra mejorarme.
So, Whaddup Francisco? How are you?
How's it como te va?  Y You Strike me
As Legitimo poeta, je 
n’sais qua, Principe Escritor jefe
de Nuestra en Cuicatlan, Francisco!
How boldly you are who is what his Fame 
has Imparted. Sincero Creador
de PalaFlorabra…Hermano Joven
Senor. It’s been Chill knowing you in spirit,
if only by Internet and yet so
real is our Wordsky on a Full moon.

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