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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soy la Saffamerican C/s~~ Are you There Lesbias?

The passion in this Lesbian of Lesbians
brings me here to Pound on Keys a Rhythm
I am here here am I, LoVeLies, Commence
the Dada Dada Wiri Wiri I'm
la hija de mi Madre Viva la
Vida Reina Mia Milagrosa
Mama Nunca nos Separen, Madre?
Madre? No se pa Donde me Llevaran
Dos hombres de Arana, un blanco
y un negro. Si, padre Memoria.
Father of the Muses, Monsieur,
J'taime, j'taime, je t'adore Por favor
I need a Gown, some Slippers, a Doorman
Soy La SaffaMericana C/S.

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