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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dream Act in Heroic Metrical Dream-A-Lines

Vivi dentro del monstro y conozco sus entranas
I dreamt of wild and oceanic vistas, swam
the beach of Santa Monica and my memory
of your cliffs formed a pedestal for those young dreams.
The seaward facade of my spiritual joy,
sentinel guardian of the imagination,
steward of infinite meaning. I'm your Sister
dear Sappho if but through my exaggeration,
Joan d'Arc, Lucha Reyes, Juana Inez,
and Federico hear me. If not for Sustained
Metaphor I would conceal these Obscure Ruses.
Hello olleH La Conciencia es Urgir
que nos Unamos al Sueno Dream Act.
Mi Sueno se cumplio. Ahora el de Ellos.

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