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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poetic Technology

I found a piece of myself, picked it up,
petal from a Spanish Cubist rose
it was.  The smudge of a smile I wore
once. Hola amiga, no te preocupas,
yo soy tu ser, eres mi Idea,
anda vistete vamos para afuera.
Hello, Edie, where you been, whaddup? OH!
I see, you were fleeing your misery.
Now you’re back, thank goodness, come on. Attach
yourself anew to me, te extrano! Your
smile I adore, fix it to me. Tears
don’t flow.  It’s not the time. Reversaphor.
I don’t understand the hostility
you show toward Metaphor. Hi Simile!

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