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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babysteps and Presidents

Oh Sweet Liberty, you’ve been on Eastside
for a while now. I’d say you’ve run dry
totally now. Looks like you’re cruising
downhill on Empty now. Wow, pull over.
Take a chill pill before you go Crazy.
Let Poetry be free wonderingly
quiescent.  WTF? I love Shakespeare
and here is More: He’s an Illegal
Immigrant working next door, Othello,
the President, Fine Tragic Mulatto.
WTF?? How Insulting and Vulgar.
One question to Y’all: Answer it True:
in the Western Hemisphere or New World,
European America, New Spain,
New England colonies, Matanzas, Haiti.
How many Blacks, Indians, women have
held the Executive Office compared
to the Babystepping U.S. of A?

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