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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Shouldn't Said I was a BlogDJ or a Note on A Good Title that got Sick on the Way

Sometimes you select a title and then you write the damn thing
and though you had a fresh rhyme in mind, an old bad feeling
arose and like a selfish being, it forces itself onto the sonnet.
You really hadn't planned to confess you're a bit off balance.
Not at all. You thought you were superfly Pentamistress of Flow.
Goddammnit Okay, have your Fit.  Go ahead. Exude it Now
let's move over to the next Leaning Tower.  Alright, Piza
what can you say?  You're Manic Depressive. Ah, just go Away.
Leave the FineTuned harmonies and Stability Rhythms and take
your Ill Ass Life to find Water in some Other place.  Alright,
thanks a Lot. I'm Censored Again? Yes, now that's just Delightful.
Neurotypicality I thought that Stereotyping was Done back in the 80's.
We got so many Chances to Honor the Past. Why mistake it Ladies?
Rhyme, Rhythm, Romance, Rigor Mortis, RicaChuela, Rhinitis.

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