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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TwentyfirstCenturyizesamonoslO: I dint Say it was HipHop

I never claimed it was Hip Hop. I said
it’s FlimFlam FlamFlim. Don’t you get it yet?
There’s Metrical solutions for the Slime.
You need to spend some time to Clean things Up.
Reverse Por ti Sere Por ti Sere
Eres it rop Sere it rop esreveR.
Genocide can’t be so Irresistible.
Ecocide Either Ecocide Either
I’m just here to Turn Things upside Down Once
every Era. I’m the Paleolithic
Consultant. Take a Seat. I’ve got Data.
Can you have a Look kooL. Let’s Clean It UP.
The Slime on your Names, HomosaPiens!

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