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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Breaking Laws to get Married : Ha ha ha Glenn Beck's a Baffoon

It was about my parents…..What Words were Valued……
They crossed the Color Line in the 1950's
what they meant they meant it when they meant

My father is mild in language and Gestural—
a Midwesterner yes but also an OBSERVER, those I I I I I’s
he Opens with Grace and with Wonder.

Sometimes bored and often Animated 
but also Morose but not without reason.
A prodigal daughter of prodigal Son.

Mama is forceful and her meanings Vertical. 
(in contrast, his is Horizontal) Already, 
they Upset the trianGle    into Something more Rhythmic   

What else is Life but rhythmic when two people break laws to Marry their Love?
(Not that Prop 8 B.S. ===Excuse Yourselves
that is the most Polite Way to Differ
without coercion on Others
for are you that insecure?  So you’re a Mormon, what’s New?
It should not be a problem if all are given their Due)

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