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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those Poor Ableists I Beat them Up with One Rhyme! c/s

Mirror Mirror on the Hall
who is that creeping along
your Wall? Is it the Hunter
sent for her Heart is it his
problem he can't get Hard
unless he is doing it with
paid women, subordinates,
all by force for the Lust
of Strange Sugars
dyed Unlike a Calaca
as all Time Eternal:
a Colonized aspiring to Lick
the Crumbs with another
False Humanities Degree.
Collectors can Pass
as the Real Thing
for it is Clearly seen
by Many California
Indians that Anus
is an Anthropollywog
of the Kind most Favored
in a WoggyLand of Half-Equals
advantaged against Oppressed
women. My What a Hero!
(and a ShitFreak...Watch
how he Twitched
when asked to Judge
"a Real Indian"
from Another).
Yet spoke he did
as an Eggspert."
Future Offspring
in Dirt and Slime.
Moderns you Aren't
not Ever Could Be:
U just a Anthropollywog
with Questionable
and Half-Cracked
A Double Major
in Farts and Peeing
brought to You
by Shit Overteeming
Marketed by Foxes
uh dat's da dingbat
we talkin' Bout
and A Hater of Brown Women
who she Keeps from Succeeding
by Improperly Worn
Clothing, Not Butch Not Femme
and "there's no There There."
Look it Up: It was Spoken
by Gertrude Stein. DUH!

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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