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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Stop to Take a Listen Youth Awaken to your Self-Expression

The Close of International Women’s Day

It’s 9pm, a restless night,
not happy, why not?
Self-pity grief agony,
my Bootstraps are these,
You recognize them don’t You?
People are Poor By Decision,
on the Edges, out of Luck Jeez
Worse than when we were Kids.

Back and Forth, Go the People.
They even give my Rhymes.
Why is it am I touched? Verse
Doesn’t Explain itself.
It keeps Moving On.
It tries on New Wheels,
It Spins in a Square dance,
It’s my Merry-Go-Round.
Twwwwirlll watching It
No worries Left. Oh Peace
in a Licorice. Ah la la la
Flower of my Fragranced
Soul raised in semi-Flight.

I Stop to take a Listen
To the World. Are you in the Mood
To talk to me? Cuz my Husband
Doesn’t have time for me
Like he used to. And in-between
Its starting to show.

I find Poems Anywhere that I go,
just sittin There with No one to Bust
them Into a Birthright. All I just Want to do is to Free
Rhymes and Poems and their Goblin
Holders, those Sneaky Green ones
With Wiggly Hair and Fish Eyes

Buttercups look at you Drunk last
Night now Sleeping in.
I lived a college life too don’t forget
It. You need to Wake Up to
Your Beauty! Come on Drink
A Cup from Aphrodite: Love
Potion #9 was a Lost Song
Of a student who did too much
Acid. I knew him, a Goblin
Too. I hope he’s alive!
The Only Recreational Drug
That’s worth it is Self-Expression.
Try some in small to Large ways
Become a Poet, a Seer, a Spark
Of Inspiration and Grace
Like Dreamers do and they got
It pretty tough you know.

…A rhythms Sequence…
Ay Lazy Life Awaken:
You are Called up to LIVE!

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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